College/High School Admissions Counseling

Aside from our tutoring services, AC&T also works with students on a one‐on‐one
basis to develop an admission plan and strategy to help applicants gain admission to
the nation’s best private schools and colleges.

Academic Course Selection

Standardized tests, SAT I, SAT II & AP, Test Prep Strategy

Development of prospective College list

Schedule College Interviews and Rehearsal

Essay, Personal Statements, and Short Answers

Recommendation Letters

Preparation of Presentation of Extracurricular activities, academic honors, athletics, and work experience

Preparation of Athletics and art Performance Portfolio

CD, DVD, Slide

Presentation of Unique Strengths

Consulting Volunteer Activities, Internship, Summer Programs

Talents, Passion, special interest

such as math and science competition in state and national level

Other relevant issues of concern

Please feel free to contact our college counselor, Jay Kim, at 781-330-7107 or for further information about the admission application process.